Electrical Safety and Arc Flash / Arc Blast Awareness Training

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   Electrical safety as defined by OSHA is the law and how you comply with the law is the code.

   The National Electrical Code, NFPA 70,  has for years been the electrical standard for installation of electrical equipment. All electricians are aware of it as most have studied it during their apprenticeships. There is really no argument. An electrical issue is either according to code or it isn't. End of discussion.

   The NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, has yet to receive the same sort of universal acceptance and even though OSHA, an enforcing arm of the federal government, requires compliance with it's electrical safety regulations and points to NFPA 70E as the way to obtain compliance, there are still too many old school electricians that resist the change. You hear statements like "hey, you have the rules and then you have the real world" or "I just don't have time for that nonsense" and then the classic "I've been doing it this way for 20 years and I've never had an accident".

   Safety is no accident but getting old school electricians to make NFPA 70E more than just lip service can be difficult. It takes supervisors insisting that the safety rules are followed (not looking the other way) and it takes constant reinforcing of the rules through training and more training by management to reverse the old habits of the past. Let down for a short time and electrical safety suffers. That is just the way it is.

   Our Electrical Safety Arc Flash Awareness Training module is a tool designed to easily and quickly address these issues. Used as a primary trainer it will inform and instruct your employees about the dangers of arc flash as required by the federal government. Used as part of a larger program, it will aid your safety staff in their educational efforts. The module can be accessed online and displayed on any pc. Each person receiving this training can do so at their own pace or for that matter on their home pcs if desired, and upon completion will receive a certificate of completion for their records. The successful student will also gain access to the "members only" sections of our website which provides our students with useful  OSHA and NFPA information, charts and links to interesting "electrical safe practices" web pages as well as inclusion in our successful trainee database.

   The nature of arc flash and arc blast is such that everyone that can or will come in contact with electricity, can only be helped by gaining the awareness and knowledge that this training exercise provides. Individuals, whether electricians or not, wishing to utilize this exercise, are more than welcome to do so. There is no cost to view the training video.

                                                             The training video is free!

   Please feel free to view the training exercise as often as you like. It is absolutely free. Upon completing the various sections of the training video the trainee may then access the testing portion of our training exercise which includes 25 true or false as well as multiple choice questions.
   A passing score of 70% is required. Upon completing the test with a score of less than 70% the trainee will be able to continue on to retake the test. Trainees may retake the test as often as is required in order to achieve a passing score. Once the trainee has achieved a score of 70% or higher they will be directed to a page where we collect the trainee's mailing information as well as other pertinent information such as their company's name (for inclusion on the certificate), their email address, comments, etc...

   We hope that you will elect to be included in our trainee database by purchasing the certification and membership.

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